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Hardwood Refinishing

We Provide Three Types of Hardwood Refinishing Options 

  • Oil Based - Our most popular option. It has the best price but also the most depth and our longest lasting finish. You can expect your floors to last between 10-15 years if you choose this finish. The only downside, it takes much longer to dry and you will experience lots of off-gassing in your home. 

  • Water Based - If requested, due to time constraints and the desire not to have as many "smells" in your home, water based is a great option. It dries in just a few hours and you can walk on your floors in both the morning and evening hours. It's a better product for the environment and has a super low VOC content. Please expect to pay more for this option, the brands we use cost lot more per gallon than traditional oil. 

  • Hardwax Oils - If you've done the research on Rubio Monocoat or Pallmann Magic oil, we can provide this finish. It's a new type of finish that penetrates into the wood to provide a more natural wood finish. This is our most expensive finish but will provide the most "custom" of looks. Please expect lots of maintenance and will need to have the oil reapplied after a few years. 

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
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